2nd Floor Edsa Central Pavilion Bldg., Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines



Greetings! We are excited about your interest in PCM, one of the fastest-growing direct marketers of technology solutions for businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and consumers! As part of the PCM family, we are proud to have our largest affiliated office located here in Metro Manila. Over the past years, we have expanded our operations to Mandaluyong (Edsa Central) and grown to almost 700 team members working in a wide range of fields, including:


Customer Service




Tech support








Human Resources

The PCM team is built on a tradition of excellence, hard work, and achievement. With a workforce that spans from Montreal, Canada, to El Segundo, California, and beyond, our organization encourages a culture of teamwork through commitment and dedication. Many of our team members have continued to build upon their dreams of learning and developing as successful business people. You’ll find that we are a company that welcomes new ideas and creativity, and we consistently reward hard work and initiative. We are also committed to offering high-quality and cost-effective healthcare plans, financial programs, and other benefits as we strive to assist in the well-being of our team members. Contact us today to learn about our exciting pace of growth and development. Your employment with us keeps you up to date in the world of business and consumer technology. It’s a dynamic, challenging, and rewarding career.


Country Manager, PCM

PCM is one of the fastest growing direct marketers of technology solutions for businesses, government agencies, educational institutions and consumers. We are committed to offering high-quality and cost-effective healthcare plans, financial programs and other benefits as we strive to assist in the well-being of our team members.
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To Wow! our customers with an experience so compelling that PCM is their partner of choice and, by doing so, reward our customers, employees, vendor partners and shareholders for the trust they have placed in us.


PCM will be a company renowned for its professionalism, integrity and respect for customers and staff. PCM will be an employer of choice, known for its great working environment, excellent long term career opportunities and commitment to staff development.

Established as a small subsidiary of PCM, Inc. in June, 2005, we have grown into a large company with an ever increasing workforce. PCM started out using borrowed space, courtesy of Greenfield Development Corporation on Mayflower Street in Mandaluyong. Just three months later, the PCM family had moved into a new – though only partially constructed – office on the second floor of the EDSA Central Pavilion Building. Amidst the ongoing construction, new team members continued to fill the many vacant cubicles.

During this early phase, the President shuttled back and forth between PCM’s Headquarters in Torrance, California and the Philippines to supervise operations, and Executives from California became regular guests of PCM in Manila.

Office construction continued until June, 2006, and both staff numbers and space requirements continued to grow steadily. By early 2008, PCM decided it needed to expand yet again and develop another office wing to house another 100 team members. This wing was occupied by mid-September, 2008.

WOW! OUR CUSTOMERS Wow!ing our customers goes beyond customer satisfaction. We Wow! customers by creating a customer experience so compelling that they can’t envision going to a competitor and they become Raving Fans who actively promote us.
TOGETHER, AS ONE TEAM, WE CAN CONQUER THE WORLD We are one team working toward one goal – Wow!ing our customers and turning them into Raving Fans. Regardless of what subsidiary, department or location, we are all part of the same family. We have one mission. One destination. To conquer the world! Teamwork allows us to achieve that which would not be possible by working alone. Tear down the walls that stand between us.
THERE IS AN “I” IN TEAM “I” stands for the individual. Each of us is accountable for our individual performance. Any action we take that impacts a co-worker in a positive way will improve their ability to Wow! our customers. The opposite is also true. If you find a problem, do something about it–even if it is not “your” problem. Continue to increase your contribution to the team by pursuing personal growth and learning. Every day, each “I” in PCM has the opportunity and the responsibility to make a positive difference for the team. What have you done today to make our team better?
WE WILL DEMONSTRATE SPEED, ENERGY AND ENTHUSIASM IN EVERYTHING WE DO Surprise and delight internal and external customers with the speed of your responsiveness. Passion is contagious; so is complacency. Your actions determine which wins out. We have a shared responsibility for speed; the slowest step in a process has a bigger impact than the fastest. None of us can move fast unless we all move fast.
  1. Major medical coverage including coverage for your dependents
  2. Paid vacation and sick time
  3. Paid company holidays
  4. Employee Referral Program
  5. Employee wellness programs
  6. Monthly rice allowance
  7. Timely and consistent remittance of employer’s share in SSS, Pag-ibig and Philhealth Benefits
  8. Group Life Insurance that includes Accidental Death, Dismemberment & Disability, Total and Permanent Disability and Terminal Illness Benefit
  9. Discounted prescription and non-prescription Unilab products with 12% VAT exemption

PCM Locations


PCM Locations

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Opstrack Headquarters

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PCM Integrated Operation Center

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PCM Manila

Located in one of Metro Manila’s major business districts, PCM Manila is conveniently accessible via all modes of transportation. Situated along EDSA and Shaw Blvd., traveling to work has never been easier. A neighbor to establishments like Shangri-La Mall EDSA and SM Megamall, PCM employees not only get to enjoy their careers & company benefits but PCM’s location too.

2nd Floor Edsa Central Pavilion Building,
Edsa corner United Street, Greenfield District,
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1550
Tel. #: +63-2-7238-6400

PCM Divisions

PCM, Inc. is a value added direct marketer of technology products, services and solutions, providing advanced technologies and engineering capabilities nationwide.

PCM Manila provides IT services, customer and technical support, advertising, graphics, marketing and accounting, among others, to PCM’s headquarters and subsidiaries throughout the U.S. and Canada.

PCMG is a value-added direct market reseller of IT products and services to government, education & healthcare agencies nationwide, as well as the public sector.

PCM TigerDirect Business has over 20 years of hands-on experience serving the needs of business customers.

En Pointe Technologies implements integrated IT solutions anchored to the Microsoft ecosystem.

2nd Floor Edsa Central Pavilion Building,
Edsa corner United Street, Greenfield District,
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1550

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